President Hassan Sheikh: Similar to Adam A Osman: Rebirth of Somali Independence

Sept 16,2012 – ” Verily, never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves”.
(Qur’an 13:11)

Odayaashii waxaa laga dhigay Ardaallo
Shuyuukhdii waxaa laga dhigay Shaydaamo
Aqoonyahankii waxaa laga dhigay Allif-layaal
Marwooyinkii waxaa laga dhigay wax magarato
Dhalinyaradiina waxaa laga dhigay dhalanteed

Last two decades, I was extremely lamented and mourned over the disorder and malady of Somalia and its people. Sadly and abruptly, I have lucidly imagined the aforementioned lines. However, today, it is blessing and fortunate that our society has changed and played a key role selecting our new leaders with their merits and credentials instead of tribalism, nepotism and favoritism.

First and foremost, the aim of this eulogy is exclusively to congratulate our new president on behalf of entire Somali populace and myself. Secondly, we are here to show our eagerness support, allegiance and enthusiasm. it is a mixture of euphoria and nostalgia. As many Somalis, waited this historical occasion, assuredly and conclusively chorused and chanted as “Waala noqanayaa, dibaa loo noqonayaa” Singub.

Somalis today feel as equally important as the day of our independence in 1960. For all of us it feels like as festival season, Somalis are celebrating from every corner of the globe, patriotically wearing Somali attire and waving the Somali flag (Buluugleey) “kana saar, kana siib”. This epigram is lucidly chanted by Abdullahi Qarshe in 1954.Qoloba calankeedu waa caynoo, Innaga keenu waa cirkoo kale oo, Aan caadna lahayne caashaqaThis flag deserves a pledge of allegiance in order to be indivisible society and that liberty and justice prevails for all of us.

Nearly a quarter of century, Somali’s self-madness, self-destruction and misjudgment were so prevalent & epidemic. I am not here to enumerate the array of macabre, dreadful and dilemma stories that Somalia went through. Instead it is time for melodiousness, earnestly and solemnly to chant “Soomaaliyeey toosoo, toosoo isku tiirsada ee, kolba kiina taag daranee, taageera waligiinee”. At the same time, we need to glance and refer back to history, in order to be careful of our self -inflicted adversity and nuisance. As an Arab poet said “Read history as it is filled with morals, a nation will sink if it knows nothing of its annals.”

Our country has become a battle field for two inhumane culprits. Somalis themselves and international community respectively, how on earth can someone invade and kill innocent and powerless people, at same time claim this is the way to Martyrdom or proponent of so-called democracy. As I am writing this article, all international media networks are airing the failed attempted suicide bombing, targeting to kill the newly elected president before long his inauguration date. At the same time to hinder the current peace process and long waited glimpse of hope. Unfortunately, eight people lost their valuable lives. These kinds of nonsense and cruel acts have crippled the Somali nation last two decades. As far as I am concerned they are evenly disguisers and imposters. I am deeply saddened the state of these innocent Somali children, women and elderly. Dear president, these people have waited you so long to safe guide their dignity and interests. Furthermore, to adhesive the Somali sovereignty back to the international arena and reshaping the reality of Somalia (Soomaalinimo)

Dear president, we often hear the notion of “be a ROLE model” similarlySomali politicians need to understand and exercise the idea of “be a RULE model”. So that we will never, fell into a trap of leaderless and turmoil.  Pre-Islamic poet, Al-Afwah a-Al-Awdi eloquently asserted “there is no benefit to a leaderless people when disorder reigns, and they will never have a leader if the ignorant amongst them leads”.

Dear president, I hope you will blow out the dusk and chagrin of warlords, tribalism and to exterminate this satanic and cursed clandestine mistrust amongst all Somali tribes, created by for those who are no use other than self- interest and blood lust. As Paul Valery once said “Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them” I hope that you will soon create Insha Allah, an amity platform and podium that every Somali citizen regardless of their origin or ethnicity, can feel tranquility, contented and everlasting sense of belonging. (Dareen Soomaalinimo). Dear president it is time to lactate us she-camel-“MAANDEEQ” it is worth to mention hither and thither this ultranationalist melody by Abdullahi Qarshe:

Waa maalin muran iyo
makeedi hadhee,
Waa maalin Ilaahay maansheeye
Aan maalno hasheena Maandeeqee

Somalis-it is wise to acknowledge that all shortcomings and failures are caused by Somalis themselves and nobody is immune from the destruction of Somali state. Allah the Most High said” whatever misfortune happens to you, is because of the things your hands have wrought”. (Qur’an, 42:30) . Let us exercise our unity and line up behind our new president as Allah says” “O you, who believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority amongst you” (Qur’an 4:62). Forget the notion of “waligiin xumaanta dhexdiinaad xarakaysaanee”. Meaning you always entertain your inner shortcomings.

Finally, dear president, your party portrays as peace and Development Party (PDP). Somalia is genuinely in dire need for a peace, prosperity and advancement of economic, political, and social development. I hereby once again praise your post and wish that May Allah made easy for you and us. Amin. Lastly, I conclude in the act of audition as Said A Shire cited in his book”Hogamiye” a poem of Yam-Yam “Ninkii timir abuuriyo, ninkii tiin tallaalaba, taariikhdu waa warin”. Whoever sows a date palm, and whoever plants a fig tree, the history will soon or later narrate. In other words, we reap what we sow. SOOMAALIYA HANOOLAATO.


Be obscure clearly.Prof.Ibrahim


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